Yahweh my Shepherd : June 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

That Old Rugged Cross

That Old Rugged Cross

One of the most enduring symbols known to man
is the post and crossbeam hence the cross.
And it is a sign that means man's salvation.
Jesus gave us life eternal with his loss.

Some see just two pieces of wood, nothing more
But it's way much more than that, you see.
For Christianity it's our faith's central core
It once held God's son after his Calvary.

There's too many of them portrayed differently
Way back traced to those ancient archaic times.
Christ said he was the way, truth the light because he
Was sent down to earth his purpose was divine.

So the next time you see that cross anywhere

Bow your head bend your knees to God up there.

Rick Fernandez Sr.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Country Girl47

St. Pete Makes A Mistake


The day had finally come at last.
I met St. Pete at the Pearly Gates.
He asked me my name, then laughed,
Said, "Oh Mel, you're at the wrong estate.

He had suddenly pushed a button,
I dropped down into a large chute.
I went round and round, til the end.
There stood someone in a red suit.
No it was not good ole Santa Claus,

Satan stood right inside Hell's Gates.
He said, "Welcome to my hot estate!"
"Been expecting you, and you're late."

I screamed, "No, it's a big mistake."
Looked in his Book, said your right.
Called up St. Pete and called him a fool,
Get her outta here, she wouldn't fit in here.
Take her back, we down here are too cool.

He cast a spell, appeared again in front of St. Pete,
Thought to myself, its crazy, should of stayed home.
Then St. Pete said, "I'm so sorry, you may enter in."
That did it, fainted next to good ole St. Pete's feet.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jesus Reigns

"Set Me Free" (Uncut/Unplugged)Written & Performed by:The Native Pathfinder- P.S.I don't claim to be a singer.I hope this song will help you in your journey.

Posted by The Native Pathfinder on Saturday, May 9, 2015