Yahweh my Shepherd : August 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Life & Death

In reading a story about the shared turmoil, persecution and bigotry within both the Jewish and African ethnicity's I thought to myself how often we misplace people in current society. The displacement of life is still there, creeping in different forms looking for prey to capture. We need to analysis our historical background and make the necessary changes in our current lives to effect the future positively. Loving one another like Christ Loved us and Loves us still is where the key is. When we open the door to the heart of others and of God we are in for a powerful new life. 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


His face is marked with a vicious scar…and a brilliant smile.
Thirteen–year–old Danjuma Shakaru was critically injured during an attack on his village in northern Nigeria. Muslim militants struck Danjuma on the head, arm and body with their machetes. Thinking he was dead, the villagers who found him dug his grave.
But Danjuma’s grave is empty. He is alive in part because of the care he received through VOM’s medical program. Violence against Christians in Nigeria continues to rise, and VOM helped more than 500 believers with serious medical injuries during the past year. VOM pays for travel costs, hospital bills, prostheses, tests and medicines for severely injured Christians. Will you help us serve others like Danjuma?

Check out VOM today and find out how you can pray and help a Christian in trouble or need!

Monday, August 17, 2015

new Poetry

this world will not fulfill me


life is a series of blue moons
indigo children traipsing on metal shells
I can see the constellations stumble
from my hideout in this cropduster graveyard

my feet long to taste black sand
my dreams are mercury-infused
zigzagging lucidity leaves me buzzing
caffeine has nothing on catharsis

I want to form a caravan
float to rocking gondolas
in the carcass of a carnival in Madrid

but this life is like mashing every button
on a broken-down elevator
I wash my hair in water that was once a glacier
and I weep for clutter
BPA, artificial lighting, ten-car pile ups and artists

self-induced hypnosis
is all that helps
I swallow acid reflux
and scratch at budding hives

death is a parent's approving smile
applause for the last wobbling steps
I could stop straining now
break my toes and fold into a cedar box
I've always wanted to live in a treehouse
-Bethany Walker

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Forte Isolation - KRD

Forte Isolation

A morphing of thought, once occurred to me,
Finally a life-line could be called,
As if something was never wrong,

I could prong the depths of a situation,
With the eye's of the former,
Calling me further,

Shadow's are darker in day's unwent,
By people unnoticed,
And lives unseen,
Without a distraction,
One can do very much, 
In the shortest amount of time,

The betrayal of self,
Is thought to be inquity,
Or a gross-form of conscious,
But who are you betraying?
If not yourself,
Someone else?


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Thunder Can Break

Thunder Can Break

FANFARE of drums, wooden bells: iron chapter; And our dividing airs are gathered home. This day belong to a miracle of thunder; Iron has carried the forum With token gestures. Thunder has spoken, Left no signatures: broken Barbaricans alone tell one tale the winds scatter. Mountain or tower in sight, lo, your hostages - Iron has made, alas, masterpieces - Statuettes of legendary heroes - iron birds Held - fruit of flight - tight For barricaded in iron handiwork a miracle caged. Bring them out we say, bring them out Faces and hands and feet, The stories behind the myth, the plot Which the ritual enacts. Thunder can break - Earth, bind me fast - Obduracy, the disease of elephants. 

Christopher Okibo

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fear by Marush


My mind is plagued by all sorts of thoughts
They come and go as they please
But sometimes there are some who do not stop
To haunt me tirelessly

I try to distract myself 
With work, games or books
But those thoughts keep coming back
And bait me with their hooks

I know what drives them now
What gives them endless frontier
What keeps me awake all those nights
Yes, I know, it is Fear

Fear! How you haunt us
Track us down in a never ending hunt
We fear so many things 
That life seems to keep out in front

Be it other people and their cruelty
Be it Poverty, Loneliness and Pain
Be it sarcastic ridicule of others
Fear, you drive us insane

You paralyse our ability
To go out and seek our neighbour’s good
You destroy our very capacity 
To reach those stars as we should

We fear the shadows of small probabilities
We fear the ultimate Unknown
How I crave some rest from your gaze 
How I wish you would leave me alone

My mind seeks a place of rest
Where thoughts are tethered only by a string
Of peace and joy and contentment
And not the torments that you bring

I guess I now understand a little
What the Good Lord always to His Disciples said
He knows us so well and thus commands,
“Do not be afraid”!


By: Marush