Yahweh my Shepherd : March 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whirlwind Lucid Dream

Whirlwind Lucid Dream

Life ebbs and flows
A whirlwind in my
Nose, I fly down
Stairs, and blue
Fire touches my
Cheeks, the
Swings come
Out of my eyes
From the Kansas
Storm inside, I'm
In agony, sharing
Memories of loss
And before hands
Covering my eyes
My lover died
And our children
Left to grieve
I'm not married
In real life, nor
Do I've children
But love is love
And we're connected
To everything in
Someway or another
Even all the terror
That underlies the
Unfound ground.
Every sanctimony
That breathes the
Word, out of
A whirlwind
The stars forming
Angels and demons
For me to fight
Until the ethereal
Dust meets my dream.
Romeo Montague

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Check it out

Take me deeper than the waters 
Where oceans thrive 
And my faith will be made 
And I will call upon  The mountains
Were the peace of the valleys lie.
I will wait  until sunset
And shelter with the God most high.
My soul shall rest in your embrace.

My soul shall be free 
I shall taste the new life 
Were  there is no more heartaches.
No more pain 
Now I am alive .
Even though I have left this world

Don't  cry for me 
For I am safe in the father's arms.
I long for the day when we will meet 
High above the deep blue skies.

Rosalind heather Alexander

Check out this piece it's a beautiful reminder that God Loves us, that he cares for us and needs us to come to him.

We need to live Holy lives in order to be God's people and quite frankly poetry like this is what helps us to come closer to him.

You can check out more of her poetry on hellopoetry.com 


Friday, March 27, 2015

Praise Yah

I will declare your name to my people; In the assembly I will praise you. You who fear the LORD, praise him! Psalm 22-23 The LORD is a great and gracious God willing to provide for his Children.

 We use Google in the 21st century but many people don't know that the creator of Google, actually signed his Soul to Satan. How can we as Believers of Christ turn something like this around for the Glory of God? Blog about Christ! Make searches about Christ! Can God save Sergy? I pray that he can, but he doesn't know how deceived he is.

When I watched porn I didn't know how decieved I was...nor when I watched violent movies or just gross stuff.. Praise God though he has delivered me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Check it out


Held my sword in my hand
we're bound by the sacred
light emerge from ashes
like Phoenix, rise again

Shahaf Yefer

Anne C Lynch

Sonnet. To ________

Ah no! my love knows no vain jealousy:
  The rose that blooms and lives but in the sun,
  Asks not what other flowers he shines upon,
If he but shine on her. Enough for me,
  Thus in thy light to dwell, and thus to share
  The sunshine of thy smile with all things fair.
I know thou'rt vowed to Beauty, not to Love.
  I would not stay thy footsteps from one shrine,
  Nor would I bind thee by a sigh to mine.
For me -- I have no lingering wish to rove;
  For though I worship all things fair, like thee,
  Of outward grace, of soul-nobility;
Happier than thou, I find them all in one,
And I would worship at thy shrine alone!

all rights reserved

Such beauty and eloquence, within this poem...A very wonder-struck look into life's and life's happy joys that can be expounded upon almost trans-lucidly. 

Monday, March 16, 2015


Good Earth

This is a book I just recently finished, an interesting look into Asian Farmers, and the folly of man. Beautiful in thought and value the writer attempts to explore the thoughts of life throughout the lifetime a a farmer, and his family, among some other people as well. A must read!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

money and God

I had a talk with my family today about money and God...a topic so unidentified in today's society that its sick. As Christians we are to serve God not money but in the world we live in that's almost impossible. But thank God that nothing is impossible by the Power of God. We can work hard earning a living doing what God calls us out to do

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Life goes on, we've all heard that saying more than once. Well today I learned another valuable lesson from life, don't get overexciting from worldly things, weather great job opportunities, great workers, or anything else. All things fade away and only the Word of God stands forever. 

I recently got a hired on as a freelancer for writing article content and thought I was doing so well, writing articles quicker than the dickens. But turns out a couple hours down the road the lady I was writing for informed me that my articles were not actually all that good. In fact at least four of the people I wrote for were unsatisfied. 

Gain these experiences in life and more is essential to developing and understanding ourselves as Soul-Spirits as we grasp this world as much as we know how to. Knowing that God is in control is really the essence of making sure you are level minded and can continue on. 

I know that the Bible says all fall short of the Glory of God, but it's good to know that however bad you may do on your job, or performance Jesus doesn't seem to really mention or care about any of those things. 

Some people go through unspeakable disgusting experiences that leave them feeling so shameful to were death and hell are simply dreams in comparison to what they go through. So as a child of God I've learned over the years to accept my failure's weather as a writer who believes in free education or simply someone who puts on the Armor of God to try and deliver people from the darkness of this cold blank world.

But rejoicing in God's victory in our lives over sin is is more important to me than anything, so for today I say let my HaShem be praised!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


As Christians in a cold, dark world how can we unite together and form a better world? Well let's first examine what our Heart say's because it is in the Heart we find the essence of all that is real, and all that is not real. When Jesus walked the Earth time's were different, but people still had the same issues to deal with. For example, family values are something we disregard a lot today. Like moral values inserted into our life daily to remind us who we are. 

People are strange creature's we both intrinsically know the answer and don't know the answer almost indefinitely. To begin to learn to consciously seek new horizons and patterns of life, we need to deconstruct and almost literally destroy any other form of thinking. Although self-gratitude is not always a good thing, making sure you are mentally healthy, and able is the most important aspect of being you. 

You cannot help someone else unless you first help you, but who is to say that the opposite is not true, you cannot help yourself until you first help others. 

These observations and values are very tied together in ways we don't fully understand as people, we are always learning and evolving mentally from ourselves, and our pasts. 

I myself do not believe that we evolved from monkey ape-like creature's millions of years ago, but regardless if we are or are not the evidence is not sound and is not full of truth's. 

I believe God placed us here a little over six thousand years ago to express, learn, and create a world of peace and love, but we evil-hearted creature's mixed with Satan's mind created a evil world of punishment and pain. 

Someday when God return's to Earth all of these questions and more will be answered easily, because he is the Lord over all Creation and is in Love with us to the point where he sent his only Son down to die for our SIN's and mistakes, so that we can become creature's of Love and peace again in Christ Jesus.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


The need to be free 

 We desire freedom in everything we do, and in our mind we know this. In order for us to really truthfully be free we need to believe and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, and become as he is. He is the essence of what true freedom is and deep down our heart's and souls know this. Life is a very difficult time, and we spend a lot of it worrying over mundane observations that don't even make any sense. Who are we? We most certainly were placed here and weather we like it or not we've been deceived to a some-what greater extend. But all that is nothing in the sight of God, and as believer's it's up to use to know and understand that.