Yahweh my Shepherd : Check it out

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Check it out

Take me deeper than the waters 
Where oceans thrive 
And my faith will be made 
And I will call upon  The mountains
Were the peace of the valleys lie.
I will wait  until sunset
And shelter with the God most high.
My soul shall rest in your embrace.

My soul shall be free 
I shall taste the new life 
Were  there is no more heartaches.
No more pain 
Now I am alive .
Even though I have left this world

Don't  cry for me 
For I am safe in the father's arms.
I long for the day when we will meet 
High above the deep blue skies.

Rosalind heather Alexander

Check out this piece it's a beautiful reminder that God Loves us, that he cares for us and needs us to come to him.

We need to live Holy lives in order to be God's people and quite frankly poetry like this is what helps us to come closer to him.

You can check out more of her poetry on hellopoetry.com