Yahweh my Shepherd : April 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freedom is the Law

The law of Freedom

In our world we live in a society where confusion seems to dominant the promises of yesterday. We are collectively undeveloped and undecided, and we seem to lose track of where we are going quite easily. We need to realize fundamental information that will help us to confirm ourselves. This fundamental information has been passed down for generations in many religions and truths. The planet is constant communicator with us and has always been; the universe is a communicator with us and has always been.
               This type of information will lead us to better understand why we have been neglecting our true selves, our true nature as free beings of pure Love. With this in mind, let us try to see who is in control of ourselves. Stop reading this paper, then start reading it again. I’ll give you a sentence of a moment to pause. This time-frame was you! You were in control. All though I directed you with these words, it was you who found yourself doing what you do best which is under-standing the situation. We must better format ourselves in ways of Love and Prosperity, Joy and Wealth, Honesty and Integrity, instead of Fear, Ridicule, and Demise. We are all infinite beings of pure creational energy that flow through the endless gaps of promises and falls, lift yourself away from destruction and convey your true feelings. You are literally one with everything that is and will be, take this knowledge and apply it to your love, your life, and your passion, only when you apply your knowledge will you activate your life. Freedom itself is only a concept, and is sometimes felt quite faintly in our world’s current state of affairs. Freedom although only a concept derives its meaning from the pre-Christian German word “Friede” and was used as  a term for peace, and to settle bloody feuds between warring Germanic Tribes. This meaning of freedom is an agreement, or surrender that is necessary for further spiritual development. The reason behind the falsehood of this current socialistic governmental military entity that we call Earth is because we don’t really understand freedom, or what it means to be free. We live in shadows and until we truly understand this we won’t always truly be free.
·        Freedom is the Law no matter how long, or how far, all beings of creation will be set free
·        Freedom is the way of life no matter how long, or how far, all ideas will be set free
·        Freedom is the promise of tomorrow, no matter how long or how far, you will always continue to be greater versions of freedom
·        Freedom is always right now
·        Freedom is Love
·        Freedom is caused by loving yourself and others no matter the consequence
·        Freedom is true justice
·        Freedom is Wealth
·        Freedom is Peace and Prosperity
·        Freedom is for all
·        Freedom is what awaits you after fear

Do not worry sky child, the dawning thunder will soon fill your ears, and all the while your tears will simmer and your hatred will be just a murmur. The time of action is coming when more and more beings will experience greater levels of freedom and energetic inertia associated with this freedom. We will have planetary fulfillment and loving gratification of all kinds regardless of any negative thought attempting to prevent this. Do you not see that you’re stronger than you have ever thought? I say this with humble confidence, because this ancient truth must always be used for the greater good of the collective over-soul of the universe(s). 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Senator Pt2


Dear senator,
Hello, I come again from a standpoint of love, not fear and this message is directed to further your-self senator, and our nation. I decided to devout myself, at least partially to creating these letters with than intent that you yourself read them. If this basic premise is not meant, then everything for me will still be rather grand. My goal in this article is to discuss the issue of Global Militarization in the form of Shadow Elitist and their entrapment of education and then to discuss the intention of providing means for our national public to have better accesses to education and education development. I’m issuing this statement because I think people like you are afraid to speak up, and I don’t think it should be so. You should be able to stand for the rights and honors America was built on, not the draws and feedback's of lies and falsehoods.
               The condition of today’s society has proven to be one of utmost extremity areas such as finance, technology, populace, global structure meltdown, and vehicle motives, reasons for actions, people are finding more and more holes in our government and by all means, they ought to see them senator, if they are there. You might think I’m one of the those crazy conspiracy guys hell-bent on creating difficulty within the system, but your wrong, I wish nothing more than to see humanity flourish.
               We have to statically understand our military problem, and our educational problem, let us start with the educational problem which in all actuality can be fixed quite easily. In order to have a more developed and efficient educational system to stay at a constant exponential rate the system must provide care for personal development and remain flexible to the student’s emotions. Rather than pick and choose top “gifted” children for military science projects (Which is what our education is actually based on because on soviet communism nuclear scares) why not let all children experience a delicate education one where they will learn while play and play while learning, playing with tools and instruments of success are what enable any of us to understand that which we are learning, and by doing this we create an informal, subconscious deity that remains formless yet always winning without regard. Let the children understand for themselves the very problems that the World collectively faces today instead of HIDING in secrecy (HIGHEST DEGREE OF TREASON). You see young people more and more are as they say “waking up” to this hidden sub scenery plot that seems to ambush us ever corner. When this happens even larger, and more collectively, I earnestly hope that we pull together as a strong Universal Force of Peace & Justice. I think our children are the brightest stars in the universe and if we pull them together for good, all things will work. Evil intentions will never succeed and develop for long because they do not please the internal masses, this can be explained in more pragmatic scale, Heterotelic way if necessary.  We need to dump more money, resources, and time on creating a standard of honest education in our children. We need to have government funds for all college students, free lunch for all students (regardless of guardian’s salary and tax’s), as well as more effective approaches to learning itself. Where senator you ask is this money coming from? Cut the Trillion Dollar defense budget down 200 billion, and sent it all towards educational development, why not? In this way, you buy fewer guns and get smarter soldiers? So now with an 800 billion dollar defense budget, and a more lucrative than previous (50 billion) now 250 billion education budget, we can see how this might have been a good idea from the start.
Senator this is honestly serious to me, so if you have intent of kidnapping me, you know throwing me in  cell for civil misconduct and not keeping my mouth shut then eventually kill me blah, blah, blah, just know I will forgive you in the Heavens Senator, ;) Also stand up for putting an end to Torture, and help spread Online awareness groups that take attention away from the some of the disgust there is on the thing.
Thank you for hearing me out Senator,
With all respect,
For you,
From me,
Kody Dibble

Divine Love


Divine love, the calling of the called, the sound of the silent and the violence of the violet the intrusion of mystery the enfoldment of curiosity the king and the queen the knight and the dragon the purpose, the passion the effort the lasting, the desire to cure, the learning the curve, the wild and brave the pointless and paid, the sadness and the joy, all of these divine love is and will always be, was and who is to see, to come and to be, to begin a whisper worded wisdom, wise up, and listen. 

Dear Senator


Dear Senator,

The time for change, is now, it was now, will be now.

In the United States of America it is time now more than ever to revitalize our instruments of education to further the conduction of solutions for the contingent problems within the evaluation of the system itself. American students are educated on the primal level of introduction for 12 years, learning the same repetitive valueless premises throughout the entire time. We are dismissed and collected again into, un-organized, un-developed almost socialist institutes that flaunt the corrupted nature of today’s integral society more than ever. I am not developing this letter to haunt you or cause any time of mental harm, but what I am saying is true. Senator, I ask with all of the children of the world within my heart that you help us to save the American education system. We are being looked at as units of production, instead of magnificent images of the supernatural mystery of life. We are being looked at as soupy brainwashed illicit misfits mistreating our homeland. Do you have children senator? Well if you do, I bet someday you want them to be great and help our world be a better place. I would love for them to do the same thing and for this to be done, we to rethink how we teach our children at a young age. Children of today do not value hard work like they did from time ago and this misrepresentation developed into a serious concern. Although I say this, it is not the children themselves faults nor exactly all the parents, but society itself. We undervalue everything good and overvalue everything wrong, we demand excellence yet provide disease. This dear senator causes people to become crazy, psychotic, and downright dangerous. Imagine this illusive world senator, we bear our children into this world they enter education around age 4, an education that creates center uniqueness within each child and instead of detaching them from the problems of our world, introduce them to them. Show them how our world works the whole way through instead of trying to somehow quasi-protect them. The more they understand the problem, the more potential they have to fix it. Do not create this education based on global competition either that is a waste of focus. Create it on moral ethics that present a sense of thoughtful awareness in all students. Our teachers need to be taught more and better methods. The entire college situation is a joke senator, and you yourself must know this by now. It should not cost a young adult over 100k for four years of education to work in a self-diluted system. It is illogical and heartbreaking to see greedy, fat men sitting in chairs behind bank stales watching their interest rates skyrocket and break every college student they cans piggy bank. Let me ask you a simple question senator, with all this apparent development in education that our mediocre media system provides, why is it that America ranks 49th among 158 member nations in the U.N. in its illiteracy rates? What does this mean? Well let’s understand why something like this occurs. Right now the military budget from the U.S federal Government is around 700 billion. Add around another 700 billion in black operations and you get a 1.4 trillion dollar defense budget. Sounds fancy huh? Let’s check something else out. The education budget changes dramatically yearly because our system can’t agree on anything and was made that way to create confusion for the public. The education budget is around 50 billion, but we will be nice and add another 10 billion. So a 60 billion dollar education budget compared to a 1.4 trillion dollar defense budget is a something like this. 25 education years of education budget could fit into one year of military budget. 25:1 would be appropriate to show how many education budgets add up to one defense budget. This, my loved senator is illogical, regrettable, disgusting, and demented. We can’t even educate our military let alone control its unseen influence now. We have animalistic men, fighting things they don’t understand. We can’t stand any longer to put our young ones in insurmountable debt and act like it isn’t happening. We need to reduce our military budget, from a plan of action, and get America working again, before foreign countries surpass us in real time. Senator this a plea, from the bottom of my heart for promising reform. We need to redesign every aspect of our systematic problem and retain value on our lives. Think how our system works, the natural imperfections that corporations take advantage of, the underground politics of reimbursement for poisoning influences. We are desperate now senator, I myself will not cause chaos or panic in society because I understand we need peace. But others will and you know this, so why not heed the call now? Call up all your political allies and tell them things need to change big time. Form a political proxy that sensors agreements of educational direction, and most of all senator, ask yourself what it is you truly love.

With all the Love in the world,

From one man,

To another,

Kody Dibble

Proposition of Concepts: Psi Communication


Can we communicate on another level of recognition that we can seemingly become aware and unaware of at the time of necessary involvement in the specific conscious objective experience. If so, is there a baseline perspective that would enhance these phenomena to occur more often? These are questions of serious intention. This type of information was ridiculed and demoralized no less than a decade ago in western society and now this is the same type of information that will lead us out of our impending doom. If not this be an example of the wide array of specifics that are in constant change now then let this be. Human beings are more than capable of conscious telepathic communication.  I say this now and yet its specifics will change, its mechanics, or the mechanism itself will change. My assimilation on how this will occur from a rational standpoint is through increases in photonic emissions of the brain and the conscious intention of the vector awareness (you).  Our actual experience compared to the systems within systems within systems that go on to secure our being gives me faith that we are here to test our limits as well as preserve the integrity of the systems around us. Another way to describe this is that we are blessed with being systematic enough to create the same comfortable pattern of reality every-time (Not all of us) yet also attempting to redefine the boundaries of human ambition and potential. We are described as being immersed within the earths geo-electromagnetic overlay field and for apparently most of the past we can see the that it’s been an average of 7- 8 Hz. This frequency is reportedly on the rise and now projected to be close to 11-12 Hz. This field is also called the Earths heart-beat or the Schumann Resonance. What’s all the excitement for? Something is definitely occurring outside of the normal conventional description of the mechanics of nature that are being told to children and general public. We don’t have all the answers and we are constantly reanalyzing our goals and reinventing our thoughts and thought patterns. There is a lot of pressure right now in almost every formation of our perspective being and this pressure is causing change. I think preverbal communication on a super intelligent scale is a possible scenario for humanities evolutionary outcome. I also think intentional positive sustenance in form of thought increases the likelihood of something spectacular like that occurring. Since we are the main attraction to this show we minds well make it interesting.

Proposition of Concepts Love

The highest of human emotions, love is the intrinsic tone of happiness, respect, forgiveness and care.  Love is a common element of our lives, It occurs with everyone from a family member to the neighborhood mailman. Although it is common it is, misused, misinterpreted and worst of all, seen by some as weak and pitiful.  But it is far from being weak; those who see it as weak may in fact have weak love lives but the person who fully becomes love, will see the utmost beauty and joy in his surroundings. It’s not always easy to see everything in a loving way, especially in the times we live in, but the engrossment of full love in our lives is deeply necessitated. Pure love, in ever situation mixed with our need to grow, or attain some goal (Which is why we are here) is the best emotional and rational life combination possible. I say this with full contentment, and assurance.
               With this in mind, try look at some probable objective experiences with love replaced as the subsequent emotion. Most often today our main emotion is fear, from our TV shows, to our video-games, to our parents, our presidents. They all have two things in common, they’re afraid, and they want us to be afraid. But there is nothing to fear when you replace your emotional pattern of reactions with Love. Love allows us to be our freest selves, because we are no longer attached to a dense, slow vibratory, fear related cognition of both our internal, and external perceptions of reality. Too often are people around the world’s baseline realities a fearful mixture of thoughts and actions. The time is now for people to step outside of that completely and step towards love.
               A major point of love that I disagree on is that it complicates things, or even negates things. I think that is totally fallacy and that the person or people involved probably aren’t dealing with love. Jealousy is not love. Love is love.  Hatred is not love. Love is love. It’s simple stop confusing a bunch of other emotions for love. Anytime you observe love in a negative way me or put the blame on love, you, yourself are stepping outside of love consciousness at that time. Example: “Love is sucky, it makes me sick to my stomach” The reality frame of that person at the time is obviously not Love. He isn’t happy, nor does he forgive and he definitely does not respect love, or care of love. He is most likely angry, and when you allow yourself to become angry, everything will coincide with your angry. So chose love, and remind yourself often that it’s the best way.

Proposition of Concepts Fear


Fear, the word used to describe something that scares us. Fear itself can be used tactically by group of people to capture another group of people into a very specific conscious perception of reality. In this format of reality, all the power is given then, to the group of people who scare the other group. But fear is a very low perception of reality. It complicates everyday objective situations into overwhelming hazards that we just stop doing completely over time. We cease to gain any new sort of digestible material for our brain to process, so instead our brains get used to the same pattern of identity we decide to become. When this happens and continues to happen, something intriguing happens. We get angry, annoyed, bored, start feeling more and more negatively associated emotions. Then we think of what we can do to solve these problems, once we did all the mundane chores, and pointless work, that we thought would solve our problem we realize we still have lots more time. So we look for something else, but are stopped almost as soon as we turn around by fear. Fear of something, of some sort. We allow ourselves to become afraid, we lose our own power to the controller of the fear. Instead of reacting in a fearful manner (Which is what the controller wants) we should find the best possible standpoint to take, and always take it. Love is that standpoint every time. If you respond in an unconditional loving way, this will accumulate into your entire reality. There is scientific information out there now to suggest that we through our consciousness play a part in designing the very fabric of our existence, which in so permeates outward into everything.  How much of our existence we create is of course up to debate, and I theorize will only increase if humanity unifies. The replacement of love instead of fear also has another benefit, it’s never expected by the controller of the fear, and is stronger than any fear possible.

Proposition of Concepts Unity

The most obvious yet most seemingly hindering obstacle humanity must over-come, our transgression into unity consciousness. As a whole, we must see through our individual flaws. We must see we are all we got. We must see the sacrifice and intention that goes into us continuing our existence. If as humanity, we do not unify as one loving, truthful, and devout standard then we will consequently devolve. This is as simple as put. Do not heed fear because we can do just that. Almost every single person on the face of this planet is going through an intense amount of change right now. The Earth itself is going through a rigorous reconstruction phase partly due to humanity’s toxic ways and partly due to cyclic nature of the universe. When everything is settled down a new way of being will be presented out of the confusion. I do not know when or how we will unify; I just know it needs to happen if humanity wishes to see its next stage of evolution.
We do not have to have children in Somalia who are starving and searching desperately for their next meal, we do not need governments that exhibit excess amounts of force on the people, and we most certainly do not need a world police force that riles in the puddle of its corruption. Yes these things humanity can continue without. We can have food for every single person on the planet, we can have free uninterrupted energy for every single person on this planet, and we can have abundant prosperity for every single person on this planet. All it takes is some good conscious direction. Separation is only of use by the separator, while the separated suffer. Only when they see that, they intentional separated themselves to learn, will they see the blissful beauty in there union.

Proposition of Concepts Bio-Energy Conduction

Proposition of concepts
Of bio-energy conduction
By: Kody Dibble

          I believe the Human body is a receptive and conductive entity of a wide spectrum of energies. Energy that enables us, the individual’s to perfect the environment, psychology, and sociology of our surroundings. Perfection is seen individually, but ideas of perfection can be shared among a collective of individuals. In the same way that ideas of corruption can be shared among a collective of individuals who respond to the same assortment of stimuli. It has already been found that our body indeed produces and stabilizes an electric current of impulses. Neurons in the brain can be switched on and off by subsequent impulses of a certain frequency and origin and this maintained and controlled intelligent grid of inter-depend free-flowing energy signatures amazes me in every way possible. The main point of this inquiry is the idea of insisting conscious effort on the desired consequence and action and the relation it has with the energy of the body.
          I declare that, with the right amount of intention, (Will), Projection (Visualization), and Conscious Effort (Belief) the individual can produce an array of infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities that in which can mean the difference between life and death, health, and sickness, disease, and cure, wealth, and well-being and so on. Both intention and projection have been a major part of the development of the civilizations of the world today, but Conscious Effort it seems, dwindled down almost to nothing. We became robotic negligent systems that delivered the same result over and over again. If we ever, at this time, went out of our normal routine in front of other peoples routines we were involved in they would most likely react drastically. But we’ve evolved from this, through language and creative intelligence we’ve established an also ever evolving stable mind of humanity, and even an index to categorize the aspects of it, the Internet. We tried in the best way we know to search for an extra-terrestrial presence, wave signaling. We are the forerunners and soul determinate of the destiny of ourselves and the beautiful planet we live on. On the other side of the coin currently conditions on our planet are terrible. The systems we use to get our resources and maintain them are vulgar to say the least and undermine the need for the preservation of Earth. Our governance has an agenda that feeds the mouth of a global pig, and starves the mouth of national citizen. They have outright lied to us, depreciated our original law and waged war in the sake of profit. So come and point, we need something to pull us out of the dump. We need something to roll us over and give us a hand to our feet. We know we are more than capable of doing just that.
          We are in a period of time that will forever be known for its conjunction of spirit and science and with this symbolism of balance and appreciation for that in which you are not, we realize we are still a part of that which we are not, making us that which we are. As I stated in the beginning of this article the Human body is a generator and facilitator of a wide variety of energies. May it be, amino acids creating protein’s or blood being carried through out or even more subtle energy flows like the established chakras. Our body syntax of known patterns of identity fulfills its goals in a steady meaningful fashion. We aren’t conscious of all the processes in our body but yet we know they continue unless something bad occurs. But if we consciously direct our good will intention to these processes’ through the law of attraction and thermodynamics with the now understood fact that our thoughts have substance it can only be assimilated that the desired consequence is more likely to happen. Under such conditions, the doubt of consideration seems to be a compulsive hinder in the bounds of our mind.
          In the foregone conclusion of this article I insist the individual reading to participate in acquiring a good will conscious and spread it to the people around them. That is all we need to fix the negative climate that surrounds us. So stay positive and keep on moving forward.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass

The world is in a huge flux of change right now. This is becoming seemingly easier and easier to notice as we become more conscious of our selves. But the big question seems to be, where are we headed? What is our future? Who will we become? All of these questions are extremely interesting in their own right, and lots of information could be written as to what some of these potentials might be. But I think the most important thing here to note is potential. We humans have an enormous reservoir of limitless potential that we can always tap into. But something seems to stop us from fully engrossing this energy.
Since that’s all potential is anyways, a form of energy that needs conscious direction. That’s where we come in. we are here to facilitate and entertain the formation and perpetuation of energy throughout. As we speedily move along in our conscious evolution we become increasingly aware of the enduring, yet faltering negative self-association that seemed to gripe us fully before. But before what? Why now? You may ask. Well you see, the before is when we limited ourselves and didn’t understand some universal concepts the time is now for Human evolution. Those concepts are as follows:
1.)    Everything is Energy
2.)    Energy is in constant motion
3.)    We can move and seize energy
4.)    The source can be called “god”
5.)    Our thoughts actually magnetically attract like thoughts and their likeness increases over time
Will a full appreciation of knowledge and understanding, we can see how these might drastically change our daily lives. No longer do when have to fret in the deep ocean of fear, but rather we may experience the vast sky of love. Some important things for any Human to do now are the following:
1.)    Trust your intuition
2.)    Think with your heart
3.)    Love all of creation
4.)    Deny negative thoughts from the conscious mind
5.)    Have faith in your intentions
Trusting ourselves we allow more of our creative flow to arise within, and be experienced outside. We truly are amazing creatures; we will defend ourselves to death but fight for people of separate intentions from our own. The time and place will come about when all human beings are fully aware of who they are and why they came. All of these exciting events are happening in front of our faces amid global-scale war and hunger. We must act now to assure our survival as a species. Instead of nationalism we must focus on globalism, instead of isolationism we must focus on unity. No human whether their lonely ego would allow them or not is separate. This is now understood vastly in science and has been the main subsequent of the glory of the mystics.