Yahweh my Shepherd : Proposition of Concepts: Psi Communication

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Proposition of Concepts: Psi Communication


Can we communicate on another level of recognition that we can seemingly become aware and unaware of at the time of necessary involvement in the specific conscious objective experience. If so, is there a baseline perspective that would enhance these phenomena to occur more often? These are questions of serious intention. This type of information was ridiculed and demoralized no less than a decade ago in western society and now this is the same type of information that will lead us out of our impending doom. If not this be an example of the wide array of specifics that are in constant change now then let this be. Human beings are more than capable of conscious telepathic communication.  I say this now and yet its specifics will change, its mechanics, or the mechanism itself will change. My assimilation on how this will occur from a rational standpoint is through increases in photonic emissions of the brain and the conscious intention of the vector awareness (you).  Our actual experience compared to the systems within systems within systems that go on to secure our being gives me faith that we are here to test our limits as well as preserve the integrity of the systems around us. Another way to describe this is that we are blessed with being systematic enough to create the same comfortable pattern of reality every-time (Not all of us) yet also attempting to redefine the boundaries of human ambition and potential. We are described as being immersed within the earths geo-electromagnetic overlay field and for apparently most of the past we can see the that it’s been an average of 7- 8 Hz. This frequency is reportedly on the rise and now projected to be close to 11-12 Hz. This field is also called the Earths heart-beat or the Schumann Resonance. What’s all the excitement for? Something is definitely occurring outside of the normal conventional description of the mechanics of nature that are being told to children and general public. We don’t have all the answers and we are constantly reanalyzing our goals and reinventing our thoughts and thought patterns. There is a lot of pressure right now in almost every formation of our perspective being and this pressure is causing change. I think preverbal communication on a super intelligent scale is a possible scenario for humanities evolutionary outcome. I also think intentional positive sustenance in form of thought increases the likelihood of something spectacular like that occurring. Since we are the main attraction to this show we minds well make it interesting.