Yahweh my Shepherd : January 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

Man's heart, a dark abyss,
Its depth polluted by that innate darkness
Which was always there for that sole purpose,
Looking back into the mirror of childhood,
A smile across my face creeps,
How zany it is
That this dark mind
Could be so translucent, gullible and terribly fragile
Unimaginable 'twould seem for it to come to this state

The mind of  man is dynamic
Though its idiosyncrasies may be static
It slowly crumbles like poorly reinforced pillars,
Under the pressure of the currents of  dark, dynamic torrents,
Thereby letting the dreaded darkness seep in

Straight paths turn crooked,
Translucency is a thing of the past
E'en the blinding rays of honesty
This dark fortress can't breach
The word "straight" no longer bears no coherent meaning,
For crookedness is a concept,
Created to make the crooked paths
Of darkness straight

Dreaded, e'en by dark beings this darkness is,
Perhaps such fear is hypocritical,
Employed only to mask crooked trails,
For many I know are filled with this darkness
Except for a naive few
Which into the the darkness haven't matured

Hope is not lost
Hopefully, the illumination of honesty
Will emerge from the midst of darkness
Before the very darkness we fear permeates us all.

George Adenuga Ayanjompe

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Pray that Malaysian believers will be able to minister to Muslims. Evangelists risk jail time when they share; additionally,
Muslims are often taught that Jesus Christ was only a prophet. Pray for open hearts and minds, and that believers will
remain steadfast in their faith even as supremacist groups like Perkasa harass and persecute Christians. Pray also for
wisdom in the legal matter over the use of the word "Allah" by Christian persecutions.
"But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream." Amos 5:24

Malaysian Christians continue to face harassment from Islamic authorities,
with the apparent collusion of government officials. Two Islamic groups
warned Muslims that wishing their Christian friends a "Merry Christmas" was
improper and shameless, and the National Fatwa Council officially barred
Muslims from attending Christmas celebrations. When a Christmas banner
was torn down on Dec. 19 by the Malay supremacist group Perkasa, police did
not intervene. Earlier in 2014, the attorney general refused to press charges
against Perkasa's leader, Ibrahim Ali, when he threatened to burn Bibles.
Tensions have remained high between Muslims and Christians since a court
ruled that a Christian newspaper could not use the word "Allah" in print.
Islamists maintain that the ban should also be applied to Bibles and hymnals.
Source: World Watch Monitor
Photo: Believers in Malaysia often face many obstacles in their country, but
this prayer group continues to meet together on a regular basis.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome and Goodbye

Welcome to the world! Welcome to reality - Speckled in rich diversity! What I think and what I know Is so little as the wild wind blows! Forever a child of God, Forever learning, Reaching out and turning, As the buds start appearing on the trees, I can hear the Wisdom in the sweet breeze, As it sings to me, I can hear ancestors of old, I can hear the Lord’s voice, I can hear it loud and bold! Come to me little child, The wind it speaks to me,Come to me little child, And I will set you free! I listen to the river talk as well, I am now so much closer to Heaven, Than I used to be to Hell! Oh, old sinner that I am, I want the White Robe, Into Heaven’s gates one day go I, And walk forever in the sweet by and by! Come to me says the wind, Come and I go… Out into the world Full of brightness of color And black and white still shots! Ah, life is grand, And I say, Welcome to transcendent reality As the good Lord embraces me! Life is sweet and life is good, I welcome the world in, Sit and spin, Round and round I go, Wherever I stop, Hey, only the Lord knows! Child at heart, Spiritual and light, Gonna make it through alright! Kaleidoscopes form in front of my eyes, As I stare into the sun, What a lovely surprise! Birds sing their songs, I am groovin’ along, I can hear nature’s Divine song, So beautiful in melody and harmony,Won’t someone come and play with me? Come now I say and meet me in the sweet by and by! Goodbye World, Goodbye Reality, I am off in the wind, A new found smiling casuality! Goodbye All! - See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11863015-Welcome-and-Goodbye-by-Natures-Child#sthash.OlRvdWHV.dpuf

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

VOM Update

On Oct. 9, a group of people with machetes attacked a group of Christian men
at a prayer meeting in Bukoba, Tanzania, killing two. Dioniz Ng'wandu, 31, left
behind a wife and two small children, ages 4 and 2. Another man, Temistores,
25, was hospitalized with injuries sustained as he escaped. The church is
located in a Muslim-dominated area and is still under construction, with no
windows or doors. Church members have been threatened by Islamic
extremists, who want to run Christians out of the area.
VOM Sources, World Watch Monitor
Photo: Believers continue to gather for worship at their church in Tanzania
despite threats and two separate attacks by Islamic extremists who want to rid
the area of Christians.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Mal-chin Receives Meals and Friendship
During a recent party for graduates of a discipleship training program, a group
of VOM Korea staff and interns connected with "Mal-chin," a young North
Korean defector who lives in Seoul, South Korea. After learning that he eats
out every day and does not have food in his home, the group prepared several
dishes and visited Mal-chin. While there, they shared John 1:1-12 with him
and encouraged him to keep trusting in God. Mal-chin requested prayer for his
faith as well as for other families still in North Korea.
VOM Korea
Photo: VOM Korea staff and program graduates brought North Korean
defector "Mal-chin" several meals. Mal-chin requested prayer for his faith and
for families who are still in North Korea.