Yahweh my Shepherd : Welcome and Goodbye

Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome and Goodbye

Welcome to the world! Welcome to reality - Speckled in rich diversity! What I think and what I know Is so little as the wild wind blows! Forever a child of God, Forever learning, Reaching out and turning, As the buds start appearing on the trees, I can hear the Wisdom in the sweet breeze, As it sings to me, I can hear ancestors of old, I can hear the Lord’s voice, I can hear it loud and bold! Come to me little child, The wind it speaks to me,Come to me little child, And I will set you free! I listen to the river talk as well, I am now so much closer to Heaven, Than I used to be to Hell! Oh, old sinner that I am, I want the White Robe, Into Heaven’s gates one day go I, And walk forever in the sweet by and by! Come to me says the wind, Come and I go… Out into the world Full of brightness of color And black and white still shots! Ah, life is grand, And I say, Welcome to transcendent reality As the good Lord embraces me! Life is sweet and life is good, I welcome the world in, Sit and spin, Round and round I go, Wherever I stop, Hey, only the Lord knows! Child at heart, Spiritual and light, Gonna make it through alright! Kaleidoscopes form in front of my eyes, As I stare into the sun, What a lovely surprise! Birds sing their songs, I am groovin’ along, I can hear nature’s Divine song, So beautiful in melody and harmony,Won’t someone come and play with me? Come now I say and meet me in the sweet by and by! Goodbye World, Goodbye Reality, I am off in the wind, A new found smiling casuality! Goodbye All! - See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11863015-Welcome-and-Goodbye-by-Natures-Child#sthash.OlRvdWHV.dpuf