Yahweh my Shepherd : The Darkness Within

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

Man's heart, a dark abyss,
Its depth polluted by that innate darkness
Which was always there for that sole purpose,
Looking back into the mirror of childhood,
A smile across my face creeps,
How zany it is
That this dark mind
Could be so translucent, gullible and terribly fragile
Unimaginable 'twould seem for it to come to this state

The mind of  man is dynamic
Though its idiosyncrasies may be static
It slowly crumbles like poorly reinforced pillars,
Under the pressure of the currents of  dark, dynamic torrents,
Thereby letting the dreaded darkness seep in

Straight paths turn crooked,
Translucency is a thing of the past
E'en the blinding rays of honesty
This dark fortress can't breach
The word "straight" no longer bears no coherent meaning,
For crookedness is a concept,
Created to make the crooked paths
Of darkness straight

Dreaded, e'en by dark beings this darkness is,
Perhaps such fear is hypocritical,
Employed only to mask crooked trails,
For many I know are filled with this darkness
Except for a naive few
Which into the the darkness haven't matured

Hope is not lost
Hopefully, the illumination of honesty
Will emerge from the midst of darkness
Before the very darkness we fear permeates us all.

George Adenuga Ayanjompe