Yahweh my Shepherd : Proposition of Concepts Love

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Proposition of Concepts Love

The highest of human emotions, love is the intrinsic tone of happiness, respect, forgiveness and care.  Love is a common element of our lives, It occurs with everyone from a family member to the neighborhood mailman. Although it is common it is, misused, misinterpreted and worst of all, seen by some as weak and pitiful.  But it is far from being weak; those who see it as weak may in fact have weak love lives but the person who fully becomes love, will see the utmost beauty and joy in his surroundings. It’s not always easy to see everything in a loving way, especially in the times we live in, but the engrossment of full love in our lives is deeply necessitated. Pure love, in ever situation mixed with our need to grow, or attain some goal (Which is why we are here) is the best emotional and rational life combination possible. I say this with full contentment, and assurance.
               With this in mind, try look at some probable objective experiences with love replaced as the subsequent emotion. Most often today our main emotion is fear, from our TV shows, to our video-games, to our parents, our presidents. They all have two things in common, they’re afraid, and they want us to be afraid. But there is nothing to fear when you replace your emotional pattern of reactions with Love. Love allows us to be our freest selves, because we are no longer attached to a dense, slow vibratory, fear related cognition of both our internal, and external perceptions of reality. Too often are people around the world’s baseline realities a fearful mixture of thoughts and actions. The time is now for people to step outside of that completely and step towards love.
               A major point of love that I disagree on is that it complicates things, or even negates things. I think that is totally fallacy and that the person or people involved probably aren’t dealing with love. Jealousy is not love. Love is love.  Hatred is not love. Love is love. It’s simple stop confusing a bunch of other emotions for love. Anytime you observe love in a negative way me or put the blame on love, you, yourself are stepping outside of love consciousness at that time. Example: “Love is sucky, it makes me sick to my stomach” The reality frame of that person at the time is obviously not Love. He isn’t happy, nor does he forgive and he definitely does not respect love, or care of love. He is most likely angry, and when you allow yourself to become angry, everything will coincide with your angry. So chose love, and remind yourself often that it’s the best way.