Yahweh my Shepherd : Proposition of Concepts Fear

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Proposition of Concepts Fear


Fear, the word used to describe something that scares us. Fear itself can be used tactically by group of people to capture another group of people into a very specific conscious perception of reality. In this format of reality, all the power is given then, to the group of people who scare the other group. But fear is a very low perception of reality. It complicates everyday objective situations into overwhelming hazards that we just stop doing completely over time. We cease to gain any new sort of digestible material for our brain to process, so instead our brains get used to the same pattern of identity we decide to become. When this happens and continues to happen, something intriguing happens. We get angry, annoyed, bored, start feeling more and more negatively associated emotions. Then we think of what we can do to solve these problems, once we did all the mundane chores, and pointless work, that we thought would solve our problem we realize we still have lots more time. So we look for something else, but are stopped almost as soon as we turn around by fear. Fear of something, of some sort. We allow ourselves to become afraid, we lose our own power to the controller of the fear. Instead of reacting in a fearful manner (Which is what the controller wants) we should find the best possible standpoint to take, and always take it. Love is that standpoint every time. If you respond in an unconditional loving way, this will accumulate into your entire reality. There is scientific information out there now to suggest that we through our consciousness play a part in designing the very fabric of our existence, which in so permeates outward into everything.  How much of our existence we create is of course up to debate, and I theorize will only increase if humanity unifies. The replacement of love instead of fear also has another benefit, it’s never expected by the controller of the fear, and is stronger than any fear possible.