Yahweh my Shepherd : Proposition of Concepts Unity

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Proposition of Concepts Unity

The most obvious yet most seemingly hindering obstacle humanity must over-come, our transgression into unity consciousness. As a whole, we must see through our individual flaws. We must see we are all we got. We must see the sacrifice and intention that goes into us continuing our existence. If as humanity, we do not unify as one loving, truthful, and devout standard then we will consequently devolve. This is as simple as put. Do not heed fear because we can do just that. Almost every single person on the face of this planet is going through an intense amount of change right now. The Earth itself is going through a rigorous reconstruction phase partly due to humanity’s toxic ways and partly due to cyclic nature of the universe. When everything is settled down a new way of being will be presented out of the confusion. I do not know when or how we will unify; I just know it needs to happen if humanity wishes to see its next stage of evolution.
We do not have to have children in Somalia who are starving and searching desperately for their next meal, we do not need governments that exhibit excess amounts of force on the people, and we most certainly do not need a world police force that riles in the puddle of its corruption. Yes these things humanity can continue without. We can have food for every single person on the planet, we can have free uninterrupted energy for every single person on this planet, and we can have abundant prosperity for every single person on this planet. All it takes is some good conscious direction. Separation is only of use by the separator, while the separated suffer. Only when they see that, they intentional separated themselves to learn, will they see the blissful beauty in there union.