Yahweh my Shepherd : Proposition of Concepts Bio-Energy Conduction

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Proposition of Concepts Bio-Energy Conduction

Proposition of concepts
Of bio-energy conduction
By: Kody Dibble

          I believe the Human body is a receptive and conductive entity of a wide spectrum of energies. Energy that enables us, the individual’s to perfect the environment, psychology, and sociology of our surroundings. Perfection is seen individually, but ideas of perfection can be shared among a collective of individuals. In the same way that ideas of corruption can be shared among a collective of individuals who respond to the same assortment of stimuli. It has already been found that our body indeed produces and stabilizes an electric current of impulses. Neurons in the brain can be switched on and off by subsequent impulses of a certain frequency and origin and this maintained and controlled intelligent grid of inter-depend free-flowing energy signatures amazes me in every way possible. The main point of this inquiry is the idea of insisting conscious effort on the desired consequence and action and the relation it has with the energy of the body.
          I declare that, with the right amount of intention, (Will), Projection (Visualization), and Conscious Effort (Belief) the individual can produce an array of infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities that in which can mean the difference between life and death, health, and sickness, disease, and cure, wealth, and well-being and so on. Both intention and projection have been a major part of the development of the civilizations of the world today, but Conscious Effort it seems, dwindled down almost to nothing. We became robotic negligent systems that delivered the same result over and over again. If we ever, at this time, went out of our normal routine in front of other peoples routines we were involved in they would most likely react drastically. But we’ve evolved from this, through language and creative intelligence we’ve established an also ever evolving stable mind of humanity, and even an index to categorize the aspects of it, the Internet. We tried in the best way we know to search for an extra-terrestrial presence, wave signaling. We are the forerunners and soul determinate of the destiny of ourselves and the beautiful planet we live on. On the other side of the coin currently conditions on our planet are terrible. The systems we use to get our resources and maintain them are vulgar to say the least and undermine the need for the preservation of Earth. Our governance has an agenda that feeds the mouth of a global pig, and starves the mouth of national citizen. They have outright lied to us, depreciated our original law and waged war in the sake of profit. So come and point, we need something to pull us out of the dump. We need something to roll us over and give us a hand to our feet. We know we are more than capable of doing just that.
          We are in a period of time that will forever be known for its conjunction of spirit and science and with this symbolism of balance and appreciation for that in which you are not, we realize we are still a part of that which we are not, making us that which we are. As I stated in the beginning of this article the Human body is a generator and facilitator of a wide variety of energies. May it be, amino acids creating protein’s or blood being carried through out or even more subtle energy flows like the established chakras. Our body syntax of known patterns of identity fulfills its goals in a steady meaningful fashion. We aren’t conscious of all the processes in our body but yet we know they continue unless something bad occurs. But if we consciously direct our good will intention to these processes’ through the law of attraction and thermodynamics with the now understood fact that our thoughts have substance it can only be assimilated that the desired consequence is more likely to happen. Under such conditions, the doubt of consideration seems to be a compulsive hinder in the bounds of our mind.
          In the foregone conclusion of this article I insist the individual reading to participate in acquiring a good will conscious and spread it to the people around them. That is all we need to fix the negative climate that surrounds us. So stay positive and keep on moving forward.