Yahweh my Shepherd : Dear Senator

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Senator


Dear Senator,

The time for change, is now, it was now, will be now.

In the United States of America it is time now more than ever to revitalize our instruments of education to further the conduction of solutions for the contingent problems within the evaluation of the system itself. American students are educated on the primal level of introduction for 12 years, learning the same repetitive valueless premises throughout the entire time. We are dismissed and collected again into, un-organized, un-developed almost socialist institutes that flaunt the corrupted nature of today’s integral society more than ever. I am not developing this letter to haunt you or cause any time of mental harm, but what I am saying is true. Senator, I ask with all of the children of the world within my heart that you help us to save the American education system. We are being looked at as units of production, instead of magnificent images of the supernatural mystery of life. We are being looked at as soupy brainwashed illicit misfits mistreating our homeland. Do you have children senator? Well if you do, I bet someday you want them to be great and help our world be a better place. I would love for them to do the same thing and for this to be done, we to rethink how we teach our children at a young age. Children of today do not value hard work like they did from time ago and this misrepresentation developed into a serious concern. Although I say this, it is not the children themselves faults nor exactly all the parents, but society itself. We undervalue everything good and overvalue everything wrong, we demand excellence yet provide disease. This dear senator causes people to become crazy, psychotic, and downright dangerous. Imagine this illusive world senator, we bear our children into this world they enter education around age 4, an education that creates center uniqueness within each child and instead of detaching them from the problems of our world, introduce them to them. Show them how our world works the whole way through instead of trying to somehow quasi-protect them. The more they understand the problem, the more potential they have to fix it. Do not create this education based on global competition either that is a waste of focus. Create it on moral ethics that present a sense of thoughtful awareness in all students. Our teachers need to be taught more and better methods. The entire college situation is a joke senator, and you yourself must know this by now. It should not cost a young adult over 100k for four years of education to work in a self-diluted system. It is illogical and heartbreaking to see greedy, fat men sitting in chairs behind bank stales watching their interest rates skyrocket and break every college student they cans piggy bank. Let me ask you a simple question senator, with all this apparent development in education that our mediocre media system provides, why is it that America ranks 49th among 158 member nations in the U.N. in its illiteracy rates? What does this mean? Well let’s understand why something like this occurs. Right now the military budget from the U.S federal Government is around 700 billion. Add around another 700 billion in black operations and you get a 1.4 trillion dollar defense budget. Sounds fancy huh? Let’s check something else out. The education budget changes dramatically yearly because our system can’t agree on anything and was made that way to create confusion for the public. The education budget is around 50 billion, but we will be nice and add another 10 billion. So a 60 billion dollar education budget compared to a 1.4 trillion dollar defense budget is a something like this. 25 education years of education budget could fit into one year of military budget. 25:1 would be appropriate to show how many education budgets add up to one defense budget. This, my loved senator is illogical, regrettable, disgusting, and demented. We can’t even educate our military let alone control its unseen influence now. We have animalistic men, fighting things they don’t understand. We can’t stand any longer to put our young ones in insurmountable debt and act like it isn’t happening. We need to reduce our military budget, from a plan of action, and get America working again, before foreign countries surpass us in real time. Senator this a plea, from the bottom of my heart for promising reform. We need to redesign every aspect of our systematic problem and retain value on our lives. Think how our system works, the natural imperfections that corporations take advantage of, the underground politics of reimbursement for poisoning influences. We are desperate now senator, I myself will not cause chaos or panic in society because I understand we need peace. But others will and you know this, so why not heed the call now? Call up all your political allies and tell them things need to change big time. Form a political proxy that sensors agreements of educational direction, and most of all senator, ask yourself what it is you truly love.

With all the Love in the world,

From one man,

To another,

Kody Dibble