Yahweh my Shepherd : Dear Senator Pt2

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Senator Pt2


Dear senator,
Hello, I come again from a standpoint of love, not fear and this message is directed to further your-self senator, and our nation. I decided to devout myself, at least partially to creating these letters with than intent that you yourself read them. If this basic premise is not meant, then everything for me will still be rather grand. My goal in this article is to discuss the issue of Global Militarization in the form of Shadow Elitist and their entrapment of education and then to discuss the intention of providing means for our national public to have better accesses to education and education development. I’m issuing this statement because I think people like you are afraid to speak up, and I don’t think it should be so. You should be able to stand for the rights and honors America was built on, not the draws and feedback's of lies and falsehoods.
               The condition of today’s society has proven to be one of utmost extremity areas such as finance, technology, populace, global structure meltdown, and vehicle motives, reasons for actions, people are finding more and more holes in our government and by all means, they ought to see them senator, if they are there. You might think I’m one of the those crazy conspiracy guys hell-bent on creating difficulty within the system, but your wrong, I wish nothing more than to see humanity flourish.
               We have to statically understand our military problem, and our educational problem, let us start with the educational problem which in all actuality can be fixed quite easily. In order to have a more developed and efficient educational system to stay at a constant exponential rate the system must provide care for personal development and remain flexible to the student’s emotions. Rather than pick and choose top “gifted” children for military science projects (Which is what our education is actually based on because on soviet communism nuclear scares) why not let all children experience a delicate education one where they will learn while play and play while learning, playing with tools and instruments of success are what enable any of us to understand that which we are learning, and by doing this we create an informal, subconscious deity that remains formless yet always winning without regard. Let the children understand for themselves the very problems that the World collectively faces today instead of HIDING in secrecy (HIGHEST DEGREE OF TREASON). You see young people more and more are as they say “waking up” to this hidden sub scenery plot that seems to ambush us ever corner. When this happens even larger, and more collectively, I earnestly hope that we pull together as a strong Universal Force of Peace & Justice. I think our children are the brightest stars in the universe and if we pull them together for good, all things will work. Evil intentions will never succeed and develop for long because they do not please the internal masses, this can be explained in more pragmatic scale, Heterotelic way if necessary.  We need to dump more money, resources, and time on creating a standard of honest education in our children. We need to have government funds for all college students, free lunch for all students (regardless of guardian’s salary and tax’s), as well as more effective approaches to learning itself. Where senator you ask is this money coming from? Cut the Trillion Dollar defense budget down 200 billion, and sent it all towards educational development, why not? In this way, you buy fewer guns and get smarter soldiers? So now with an 800 billion dollar defense budget, and a more lucrative than previous (50 billion) now 250 billion education budget, we can see how this might have been a good idea from the start.
Senator this is honestly serious to me, so if you have intent of kidnapping me, you know throwing me in  cell for civil misconduct and not keeping my mouth shut then eventually kill me blah, blah, blah, just know I will forgive you in the Heavens Senator, ;) Also stand up for putting an end to Torture, and help spread Online awareness groups that take attention away from the some of the disgust there is on the thing.
Thank you for hearing me out Senator,
With all respect,
For you,
From me,
Kody Dibble