Yahweh my Shepherd : Freedom is the Law

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freedom is the Law

The law of Freedom

In our world we live in a society where confusion seems to dominant the promises of yesterday. We are collectively undeveloped and undecided, and we seem to lose track of where we are going quite easily. We need to realize fundamental information that will help us to confirm ourselves. This fundamental information has been passed down for generations in many religions and truths. The planet is constant communicator with us and has always been; the universe is a communicator with us and has always been.
               This type of information will lead us to better understand why we have been neglecting our true selves, our true nature as free beings of pure Love. With this in mind, let us try to see who is in control of ourselves. Stop reading this paper, then start reading it again. I’ll give you a sentence of a moment to pause. This time-frame was you! You were in control. All though I directed you with these words, it was you who found yourself doing what you do best which is under-standing the situation. We must better format ourselves in ways of Love and Prosperity, Joy and Wealth, Honesty and Integrity, instead of Fear, Ridicule, and Demise. We are all infinite beings of pure creational energy that flow through the endless gaps of promises and falls, lift yourself away from destruction and convey your true feelings. You are literally one with everything that is and will be, take this knowledge and apply it to your love, your life, and your passion, only when you apply your knowledge will you activate your life. Freedom itself is only a concept, and is sometimes felt quite faintly in our world’s current state of affairs. Freedom although only a concept derives its meaning from the pre-Christian German word “Friede” and was used as  a term for peace, and to settle bloody feuds between warring Germanic Tribes. This meaning of freedom is an agreement, or surrender that is necessary for further spiritual development. The reason behind the falsehood of this current socialistic governmental military entity that we call Earth is because we don’t really understand freedom, or what it means to be free. We live in shadows and until we truly understand this we won’t always truly be free.
·        Freedom is the Law no matter how long, or how far, all beings of creation will be set free
·        Freedom is the way of life no matter how long, or how far, all ideas will be set free
·        Freedom is the promise of tomorrow, no matter how long or how far, you will always continue to be greater versions of freedom
·        Freedom is always right now
·        Freedom is Love
·        Freedom is caused by loving yourself and others no matter the consequence
·        Freedom is true justice
·        Freedom is Wealth
·        Freedom is Peace and Prosperity
·        Freedom is for all
·        Freedom is what awaits you after fear

Do not worry sky child, the dawning thunder will soon fill your ears, and all the while your tears will simmer and your hatred will be just a murmur. The time of action is coming when more and more beings will experience greater levels of freedom and energetic inertia associated with this freedom. We will have planetary fulfillment and loving gratification of all kinds regardless of any negative thought attempting to prevent this. Do you not see that you’re stronger than you have ever thought? I say this with humble confidence, because this ancient truth must always be used for the greater good of the collective over-soul of the universe(s).