Yahweh my Shepherd : Failure's

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Life goes on, we've all heard that saying more than once. Well today I learned another valuable lesson from life, don't get overexciting from worldly things, weather great job opportunities, great workers, or anything else. All things fade away and only the Word of God stands forever. 

I recently got a hired on as a freelancer for writing article content and thought I was doing so well, writing articles quicker than the dickens. But turns out a couple hours down the road the lady I was writing for informed me that my articles were not actually all that good. In fact at least four of the people I wrote for were unsatisfied. 

Gain these experiences in life and more is essential to developing and understanding ourselves as Soul-Spirits as we grasp this world as much as we know how to. Knowing that God is in control is really the essence of making sure you are level minded and can continue on. 

I know that the Bible says all fall short of the Glory of God, but it's good to know that however bad you may do on your job, or performance Jesus doesn't seem to really mention or care about any of those things. 

Some people go through unspeakable disgusting experiences that leave them feeling so shameful to were death and hell are simply dreams in comparison to what they go through. So as a child of God I've learned over the years to accept my failure's weather as a writer who believes in free education or simply someone who puts on the Armor of God to try and deliver people from the darkness of this cold blank world.

But rejoicing in God's victory in our lives over sin is is more important to me than anything, so for today I say let my HaShem be praised!