Yahweh my Shepherd : Being

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


As Christians in a cold, dark world how can we unite together and form a better world? Well let's first examine what our Heart say's because it is in the Heart we find the essence of all that is real, and all that is not real. When Jesus walked the Earth time's were different, but people still had the same issues to deal with. For example, family values are something we disregard a lot today. Like moral values inserted into our life daily to remind us who we are. 

People are strange creature's we both intrinsically know the answer and don't know the answer almost indefinitely. To begin to learn to consciously seek new horizons and patterns of life, we need to deconstruct and almost literally destroy any other form of thinking. Although self-gratitude is not always a good thing, making sure you are mentally healthy, and able is the most important aspect of being you. 

You cannot help someone else unless you first help you, but who is to say that the opposite is not true, you cannot help yourself until you first help others. 

These observations and values are very tied together in ways we don't fully understand as people, we are always learning and evolving mentally from ourselves, and our pasts. 

I myself do not believe that we evolved from monkey ape-like creature's millions of years ago, but regardless if we are or are not the evidence is not sound and is not full of truth's. 

I believe God placed us here a little over six thousand years ago to express, learn, and create a world of peace and love, but we evil-hearted creature's mixed with Satan's mind created a evil world of punishment and pain. 

Someday when God return's to Earth all of these questions and more will be answered easily, because he is the Lord over all Creation and is in Love with us to the point where he sent his only Son down to die for our SIN's and mistakes, so that we can become creature's of Love and peace again in Christ Jesus.