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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Movie Review

Ram Dass in Fierce Grace

     The first thing I thought of when I considered watching Fierce Grace, was "Oh, Great.. Another Spiritualist Movie." But something inside of me urged me that it was a movie worthwhile. In the beginning of the movie Ram Dass is introduced, and located among his family and friends. This movie was all about Inspiration, Courage, and finding the Inner Secrets of the Human Soul. The Movie then eventually moves forward to his life attaining various College Degree's. Through his years he attains a Doctorate in Psychology, and eventually becomes a Harvard Professor. In meeting Timothy Leary Ram Dass, also known as Richard Alpert is introduced to the Psychedelic Phenomenon, with hallucinogens such as LSD and then the infamous Magic Mushrooms. Because of his trails in these "drugs" he loses his position as Harvard Professor and joins a experiment house with a bunch of other people, ranging from Poet's, Musicians to just seekers in general. I think at this part of his Journey he really starts to find a need for a wild side of life, a spontaneity more than anyone else could give him. Shortly after this whole ordeal in the Movie, Ram Dass goes to India, and comes to a small village where he meets the Guru Neem Karoli Baba. 

  His Answer's to live's various questions...And Consciousness itself seem to be answered by this man. Who throughout the rest of his life, is Ram Dass's inspiration for the many humanitarian and Spiritual efforts he achieved. I'm not going to explore to much more of the movie, because I really would like for my Blog viewers to take the time and watch it for themselves. But Ram Dass in his life eventually has a stroke and believe's he's been "Stroked" and uses this term a lot. Ram Dass is a spiritual guide of sorts and has written many best selling books, including Be Hear Now.