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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Check out our poetry AD on the Candle Lit

The Seekers
“Let’s talk about it all, this single world, this infinitely small, yet infinitely big region of infinite regions.
Let’s talk about all excuse are over, the knowledge is available for any who seek it,
We are in a period of seekers
Seekers of what you may ask?
Seekers of Truth                                                                                                    
As one of seeking, as you the reader must be, for if not would not
Have arrived here,
We wonder,
About the people who do not seek
This is an illusion,
All beings seek Truth,
Some are not aware
Those who are, are said to have enlightenment,
And become the entirety of peace”
-          Kody Ray Dibble

The Pavilion

When we name this pavilion
And tell the world of our squables with the wild field,
The air tingles away from the blames made by our guild
Separating the stumps made for our reunion.

During our dark moments in marshes and mud,
A light had pursued 'Her'; glinted away from famines:
Fondness of the hungered hearts of past steps and promising comings.
And this left us pilfering akin souls when our hearts were glad.

If the world still had anything new from 'Her' four corners
She would have wounded this pavilion at the ends across
Leaving the squealing men to also wallow in their mighty loss
But 'She' had sadly given out all 'Her' honors.

Our treasures lost through causes also lost
Linger on in this pavilion not well from hence
Like serpents in a field of serpents
So we wait haplessly from our own doors.

-          Emmanuel Acheampong