Yahweh my Shepherd : Mind Blown!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mind Blown!


All Again

by Dibbs

What is the watchtower? A home for broken souls and people of the sorts. Are we all just uncanny transceiver unwinding their timely death. I was a shadow, my friend. More frankly a phantom, of a past pattern. Why am I working so late, on organizing things that I first wished mysterious and vague yet full of attention and detail. Maybe a freak monkey in a suit, I can light candles myself you devilish heartless **** child. Use your damn mind, stop just waiting for a brat to need saving from deaths hand and the preview of sickness.

Are you fascinated with your lion den? Have you figured yourself a loony or a rickshaw an old western tune stuffed up the barrel of magnum.

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