Yahweh my Shepherd : Dubliners Review

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dubliners Review

Dubliners - 

Dubliners is a series of short stories written in an old-irish pre-text. There is so much value in Dubliner's that it isn't even funny. The literary genius behind the works of this book are beyond many writing styles and influences. The writer James Joyce has many other novels and writes. Although as of now I have only finished Dubliners. I plan on reading, and working toward James Joyce work in the coming years as I grew found of his style. Sort of traveling in different dimensions of thought, some of the stories take on privy problems and toss them aside as others dive deeper into intellectual thought. 

All of the Dubliner's is faithful to short chapter write-ups that are detailed in theme, setting, plot, and character path. A lot of the stories are vivid walks of life with different positions or roles in day to day life, such as teachers, priests, tailors, and other such people.

I suggest a read of Dubliners and other James Joyce works!