Yahweh my Shepherd : Editing / Publishing

Monday, July 21, 2014

Editing / Publishing

So i'm in the midst of writing two books, I've got one at least semi-published and the other is in the first draft process. They have both taken several years of work, and thought. I'm trying to figure out how to market them correctly, and since I know a lot about the internet, but don't have a huge internet presence I will require someone to assist me, regardless I need to think it through.

The first book is a poetry book
Change Begins With a Choice

The second one is a Sci-fi Thriller called,
Universe of Imagination

If they end up getting no views and no reads at least I can say I worked hard toward publishing, the second one I'd like to use a traditional publisher, or something close to it.

I know either way God is my friend, and the only friend I need whenever I get low or feel left out. I'm not in writing, artwork, or any creative objective for fame or money, and honor. But I would enjoy people observing my work.