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Monday, July 28, 2014

Education & Money

Education & Money

       I'd like this to be a call for action concerning the U.S's budget for the education system. It seems to me that all throughout the World Education is becoming a more, and more relevant. Our Education system, has a lot of nuts and bolts missing, it seems everyday another Guard Dog has to watch, and another TEST has been deployed. Our World is a very confusing thing, we don't know if we are animals, evolved from primordial goo, or if we are specific creatures placed here by God Almighty. We don't know if the world is 6000 years old or 56.9 Billion years old. Why is there so much confusion? We have found ourselves in the cross-fire, between whats right, true, and worth communing, and what is a lie, a deprived state, and a flook. With education in mind, how is it that, people can become truly educated? We need true educators, people who seriously take the time to understand true knowledge. 

      If we want true knowledge, we have to start with God, start with his knowing, his understanding, which is perfect, complete, and whole. Truthfully, we desire this relationship, sub-consciously, until it bubbles up into our conscious mind it remains a dwelling for our spirit and soul. 

   The way we handle money in America is a joke, our military budget is at-least 10x more than our education budget. It makes you wonder what our countries mind is set out. I have a reason for living, and it is to educate the people concerning specific events, structures and ideas. Because to strengthen ideas, concerning peace, joy, and true knowledge is the only way for us to become what we are suppose to become.

  I've written two letters to the senate concerning our education, military, and budget issues. Of course I got no letter back, but I trust God delivered some sort of concern to them. 

  What are we going to do as a people to separate the lies from the truth?