Yahweh my Shepherd : Part 1 of The Works

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Part 1 of The Works

The Works of Rene Descartes

But there are many other circumstances which evince that I have alleged is the true cause of the motion of the blood:

Just this part of his book is interesting, compared to the entire thing (Which I am not completely done with yet :) )
Rene Descartes is a 15th century philosopher who spoke and wrote about many things in his works, ranging from mathematics, spheres of energy, God, social institutions, anatomy, and many other subjects.

So far it is very appealing, and interestingly organized. With no real intrinsic design it flows seemingly un-affected by times gaping illusive nature. The sheer amount of detail that is in his writing, is beautiful. 

I will have another write-up about this collection of writings by Rene Descartes, but I need to read more of, just wanted to let my viewers in on an amazing author, philosopher, and so much more.