Yahweh my Shepherd : Under Ground Poetry

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Under Ground Poetry


Serendipity's Kiss

Butterflies in anticipation of first meet 
When eyes will see and warmly greet 
With no words spoken, a warm embrace 
A mutual thrumming as two hearts race 

He welcomes her with an uplifting hug 
Inhales her scent, thrills his brain, a euphoric drug 
This adored Lady he knows from afar 
Is everything he wished, there will be no au revoir 

This woman’s body, a bubbling teen inside 
Thoroughly charmed, her smiles, she cannot hide 
A glance, a move, a gentle touch, something stronger sensed 
She’s gifted with life’s pleasures, wrapped in his kiss 

Immediately he makes certain, wishes all to know 
His deepest affections, upon her he shall bestow 
Peaceful, aggressive, comforting, teaming endearment 
He assures with a blue laser gaze, joyful tears her only lament 


This is a beautiful list of details, flowing freely. This kind of poetry allows for a sense of full peace to be understood deeply on all emotional levels. If we as people of this world come together under a certain cause and understand how Love is the only way we can actually be at peace. 

I believe Father Yahweh has a plan for us all to express our creative potential on all critical levels, and atmospheres. In the direction of allowing the persona to be a flowing river is to be set free under all circumstances. 

Shout out to the Author on Under Ground Poetry!