Yahweh my Shepherd : Family

Sunday, August 10, 2014


As for me I call to God

Ah, the bread and butter of life. Family, it seems is the hardest part of life to keep together. Today I found myself in the mists of an argument between family members. It seems like a bunch of mis-communcation was going on..Causing me to get into some drama that I otherwise would like to avoid. 

I realize that myself, I need to understand life more, but when I get in family issues I cannot keep myself silent. I'd love for all my family members to be complete whole and happy with life. Not to worry about money, the world, or anything. I'd love for my family to be the best they can be. Not anything, else. 

But sometimes, (well, everyday) we all fall short from God's calling for us. We need to see the fact that God is calling us out not only in conviction for our sins, but for his loving kindness to spread throughout us.

Our sins he says have been scattered to the depths of the oceans, and his mercy lasts forever. So when we find ourselves in tight binds, we must realize and recognize forgiveness in all our ways. 

Life is sacred, and weather or not we understand that isn't the issue. The issue is if life is sacred, then how do we finally stop hassling ourselves with un-natural and devoid things. It seems the urgency of this, is what surpasses the understanding. 

Thus, the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.

In order for us to be reconciled unto God we need intercession between Jesus and Him, and the Holy Spirit. 

Psalm 56:3

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Regardless of whatever life throws at us, we need to realize we are more than just animals. We are spirits of God, and we are to understand that we are Spirits of God.

Praise Yah :)