Yahweh my Shepherd : Gov't and People

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gov't and People

How can we respond to our Government in dire situations? How can we vocalize our thoughts, opinions and efforts in a Global Society? These questions lay barren to unknown answers as we are seeing a rise in fear based society. 

Read this story of how Government Officials destroyed the home of Pastor Esmir Torreblanca his wife, and their two young children

Pastor Esmir Torreblanca, his wife Marieta,
and their two young children, ages 7 and
11, were left homeless on July 2 after
Cuban authorities raided and demolished
their home, which also housed the
Establishing the Kingdom of God Church
located in the eastern city of Santiago de
Cuba. Government authorities including
state security and Cuban Communist Party
officials made an unannounced visit around
6 am while the family was still sleeping,
breaking through the front door armed with
batons and machetes. Authorities had set
up a blockade around the church, and when
church members tried to break through the
barriers, their identification was confiscated
and they were threatened with arrest.
Officials were seen loading the church
property and family belongings into trucks
before bulldozing the building.
Sources: Religion in Revolution, Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Photo: Pastor Esmir stands in the ruins of his church and home.

Please stand by Pastor Esmir's side as we confront and defeat Global Dictatorships, Government Anarchy, and different problems that we are faced with as a people on the same rock.

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