Yahweh my Shepherd : Freedom

Thursday, September 18, 2014


 What is freedom essentially? What does freedom entail, and provide for us as human beings. Do we partake in freedoms grasp, or are we some-what unrealistically interwoven to pursue freedom. Life is a wave of emotions, values, and momentary collapses that we hold as something, or nothing. 

 To be free in a society so trapped down, in problems, we must come a point in our Heart of Pure Love, and forgiveness for all of time and all of space. We must realize that everything will be, and all will be well within, and without. 

 To provide freedom in doubt we need motivation we must be honest and upfront with each in order to have the confidence we need to suffice in a cold, daunting world.

 Seek your freedom, and the freedom of the people around you, everyday. In order for us to be truly free we must understand the need for others to be truly free as well, as this is the most powerful cognitive function dying to be allowed or even completed.