Yahweh my Shepherd : Yah's Christ

Monday, September 29, 2014

Yah's Christ

Yah's Love fully shown in the Man Christ Jesus

What does the title Christ mean to us?

To us, Christ is a title, meaning anointed and is used when speaking or talking about the Anointed One of God. 

For us to understand God we have to look at Christ's example.

There is no life truly outside of God, for everything good comes from God, and everything Holy from him as well, for he is the only true Holy one.

Each day in life we use Christ as an example, and as a virtue to guide us in our trails. 

We are to anoint people, all people with Love, with God's Holy Love, so they may understand how precious they are!

Now, sarcastically, you could ask how do I anoint someone? Or what is anointing?

Christ Jesus is the full anointing of Love of mankind! We are to follow him and lead an example for all of mankind.