Yahweh my Shepherd : Eons

Thursday, October 16, 2014



Eons of miles with shadows of this love.
Visionary voices burning flames
of smoldering desires for you.


my space is consumed by yours.
Joyous melodies beckoning from my heart
with each breathless whispers
you have of me.
My spirit soars whenever,
I see into the depths of your golden brown pools.
I was in sync with beats of your hearts.


for this soul was wholly barren,
Absent was you!
- See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11702908-Eons-by-Judie#sthash.Cc4yMzMT.dpuf

- This poem is very inclusive, it dwells on things unseen and unsaid. Eons...The word Eons what does it mean? Well this poem completely explains Eons in a sense more invoking then any describing could ever do or even say!