Yahweh my Shepherd : Romanian poem - Costache Ioanid

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Romanian poem - Costache Ioanid

How great is God 

How great is God 
heavy billows see the sea, 
the mountains ma-tall basalt 
and my mind flying among the stars, 
all taller what takes his king-army to a gigantic climax? That what nature put in goals, That meant that anyone wrote,more than infinite is my Father 's Cat feared God on Sinai roaring echoes when the voice of the Lord speaking. while Moses, before the clouds and shaking .. . sfielnic White Throne gather firewood Empireu princes, And cherubim devout come, eternal glory treasurer. Almighty Master And this is my father! And how good is God! Even if old stars all have a time when-write down , but who in Jesus has eternal is a son! And to face shimmering glory in the world's most difficult time, those who were given the holy beasts -will see creative force, I will soptii with adoration: "My father is ...