Yahweh my Shepherd : They say Angel Fish Don't Shoal in Tanks

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

They say Angel Fish Don't Shoal in Tanks

my surviving sister told me once,
when she was young
the only way she could tell if I was still alive was
by the changing music from my room

I lived voicelessly by night,
creeping down to forage nearly empty cupboards while they slept
communication, was a four letter forced acknowledgement of hallway passings, that often became arguments

this house was a restless mausoleum
and we were strange ghosts trapped in separate delusional fantasies
who only knew how to smile for cameras
in family portraits


the only one I ever loved didn't last long
I was there when they picked out her gravestone
I was six, and I knew then-
I never wanted one

because no matter where I went I'd spend my whole life
buried and choking on this silent dirt
and still have no place
in a family plot 
© Genevieve. All rights reserved, 5 days ago
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