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Sunday, November 23, 2014


The Spider’s Moon

This midnight I was caught by some ones eyes
As I neared my home, dreary and alone
I saw upon the steps to the door was my surprise
Yet the spider, held his own looking at my bones
White and sallow under my coat I had died.
But yet I was able to talk and felt alive
Ah, I was from the grave below graveyard stone.

O along where I did hear, the midnight crying and faint.
Ah, this deathless trap caught my heart tearing at my beat.
On this night I followed every cry and every cry that gave,
what had cried this bellow, I settled near this creatures scream
dragging me with his voice, as I can remember his attain.
And every ember of this creature’s mentor I fain.
“Venture your heart!” hath you believe.

I opened my door, the door to my dearest chair
I heard the doors creak and found my seat
The spider crawled, I sat and all I had was this stare
Starring back at me was the spider in a web of strings
I kept a face so calm the spider glared
But nothing he could do until my wish be declared
In the corner he rested over the clock’s sing.

Yet I had sat there in my rocking chair, the spider dangled in the air.
Though he remained on the side, I did ignore his blackly sight.
As I thought and thought a fate as to where
and what it be, I conjured up a dreamy night.
“As to your request sir.” And the spider reminded with a stare.
Yet I kept on rocking in my rocking chair,
as I saw him out the corner of my eye.

The time of the clock ticked and tocked
the spider came down more and spoke to my ear.
And every moment the spider was on the clock
down a string of silky web he came and appeared,
but yet I was still rocking in my squeaking rocker,
as the sound of time went through the air like a knock.
This spider was down by my side, closer once more in my ear.

In the darkly night there was nothing, nothing,
but the spider I saw dangling in the air.
In this dark I heard the hour ding,
but I kept rocking, rocking in my rocking chair.
“Take your time.” He spoke on the string.
And finally a thought came to me.
"As to your request sir" he spoken with care.

The spider was joyed with the squeaking of my chair.
Thus I said to the spider "Honor my heart" but nothing more.
The squeaking so loud yet I sat there, sat there looking at the spiders stare.
I kept rocking, rocking in my rocking chair above the floor,
but till the blackly spider hear my voice in the layer,
I still had sat in that chair, squeaking loud through the air.
I wished to see the spider on the moon and out the door.

O the spider crawled back into his webby strings
in the corner of the grandfather clocks lighted face.
I dreamt and kept on with my dreaming.
"As to your request sir" he spoke from there.
The spider with his wand, out of sight had leaped
and leaped so far that he was large on the moon I seen.
From way up high he gave the world a stare.
© astoyourrequest. All rights reserved