Yahweh my Shepherd : Crystal R

Friday, November 28, 2014

Crystal R

The Monster

She  was born from a parent who left her at a young age to be raised by a monster. This monster created such fear and depression for this poor young girl. The monster she feared was there everyday waiting for when she got home or for when she woke. The monster she didn't love broken her down far too much that even a thought of it or the thought of being home would make her panic. And as of this day she continues to live in fear and sorrow and she continues to fight this never-ending battle within her on whether to live or die because of this monster. So, Imagine if you had a monster you couldn't escape because as you sit here so happily this poor young girl is left alone with the monster she continues to fear. - See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11797309-The-Monster-by-crystal-R.#sthash.VulSSFaV.dpuf

This poem is wonderful, it is a full display of the part of us that is a monster, in all it says and does. It is a part of us that is not well, or atleast...Good or whole...This poem is magnificent in view and thought!

Give it a read!