Yahweh my Shepherd : Odd man

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Odd man

the odd man

i've been happy you know  
he said; the bracket fell off the wall
breaking the awkward silence,
stubbed a toe with the hammer
wincing while confessing,
i could hardly blame his pain
the way he blamed my smile 

those memories of his dancing
broken leg hampered rhythm
alcohol brokered language 
into reincarnated ancient tongues
no soothsayer could ever conjure
if sadness gave him labrador eyes
not many saw past them

he built a rock garden
omitted plants and remarked
how stupid people were
it's a damn rock garden isn't it?

god was a perplexing ghost
full of holes and asexual
neither committed sins
so needed no forgiveness
unless it was George next door
said he was descendant of rasputin
and the only type of monk he'd admire

George said he was bonkers
but it wasn't a stretch 
to see the poison hidden in a beard
a swarthy russian accent
to know he'd hit the mark 

i remembered the day he buried her
the trinkets going into the box
tossed into the ground
while he murmured his words

she said i was her treasure
be buggered if i'm going with her
there are two bottles of whiskey left

they'll be pickling him shortly
i might buy a jar
just to keep for a laugh

Written by cannonsfire

'I shall see myself, I shall read myself, I shall go into ecstasies and I shall say: Is it possible that I should have had so much spirit?' (Nietzsche)
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This is a epic poem, that is incredibly honest and upcoming. Poems like this are praise-worthy in all ways and forms and I encourage this kind of poetry!

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