Yahweh my Shepherd : After Robert E Howard

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

After Robert E Howard

Move me out to the mountain there.
    There to its leeside cave,
Carry me in that cold night air
    Into my secret grave.
And sing that dirge for hero’s sung.
    Let bell with hammer chime,
There where the skull white moon is hung.
    Down to the end of Time.

Let them come sing to horizons
    Chants all sung from of old,
And let them mumble orisons.
    Bury me with their gold.
And place no guard for this cave is
    Hidden most well alee,
For each who comes to my grave is
    A daughter of the sea.

Leave me alone and uninterred,
    And let the Sirens come!
They’ll weep for me as love deferred,
    There to the tide’s loud drum.
And let the wives of centaurs weep.
    They’ll mourn me who  was brave,
And kiss my forehead where I sleep
    Deep in this mountain cave.

Inspired by Robert E. Howard
- See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11766849-After-Robert-E.-Howard-by-Eusebius#sthash.tdlBtbEo.dpuf