Yahweh my Shepherd : Radical Christianity

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Radical Christianity

Forced to Hide from Muslim Radicals
Pastor "Faiz" and his family remain in hiding nearly one year after the pastor
was beaten by a group of radical Muslims and forced to leave his village. In
October 2013, a group of Muslims and the village leader began to threaten
Pastor Faiz when they learned that he had told Christians not to eat sacrificed
meat. Before threatening the pastor, the Muslims beat a Christian man who
had refused his Muslim neighbor's offering of food, saying that eating
sacrificed meat was wrong, according to his pastor's recent teaching. On Oct.
29, after a week of threats, the Muslims chased and beat Pastor Faiz, forcing
him to leave the village he had lived in for almost 25 years. Pastor Faiz's
church has been closed, but Christians continue to meet privately.
VOM Sources
Photo: Pastor Faiz and his family are still in hiding after he was beaten by
radical Muslims and forced to leave an area he had lived and ministered in for
more than 25 years.