Yahweh my Shepherd : Welcome!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015



Although I was beaten down time and time again, 
I accepted and embraced the pain and the suffering,
 Agony became the forge and I was the dulled blade, 
Honed, hammered, hewed with such fire and force that I came back anew, 
refined into a razor's edge,
 As tempered steel that shall neither bend nor break,
 I was reborn to be a fine force to be reckoned with,
The iron phoenix that always rises from its ashes,
 Eyes burning hotly with the flames of indignation, 
While others let their rage run wild and rampant, 
I focus and channel my fury with surgical precision, 
Talons cutting and eviscerating like serrated knives, 
With each beating, I became stronger than before, 
Heart unyielding, spirit immobilized against harm, 
Those who sought to destroy me and to shatter me inadvertently gave me the keys to mental evolution, Today I am stronger than ever before thanks to agony, 
Neither man nor machine can hope to break me now

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