Yahweh my Shepherd : Gods Glory

Friday, April 24, 2015

Gods Glory

  • Gods Harvest

Each and every year farmers harvest their crops so that people all around the world have food to eat.

But how many people know that God harvests as well? Only his harvest is the souls of mankind.

The gospel goes something like this, around 2000 years ago a man by the name of Jesus Christ walked through his home town preaching the Kingdom of God and asking its citizens to repent and turn to God so we may be saved.

Today thousands of years later that same covenant promise applies as we wane through the trials of life we find our differences that separate us can often separate us from God as well...("Very scary!") but the good news is ours if we believe in the God who sent his only true Son down to die for us sinners

Sin is an exclusive alienation from Gods sovereign goodness and Love and keeps us locked in a destructive pattern.

I am a sinner saved by the Grace and Mercy of God alive to teach and evanglize to people of all walks of life about the Love of God.