Yahweh my Shepherd : VOM

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Masked gunmen burst into Christian leader Yousuf Bhat’s home late on a Wednesday evening and shot him to death.
Yousuf Bhat, a respected Christian leader in India’s volatile Kashmir region, left Islam and became a follower of Christ more than 16 years ago. He could not keep his faith to himself. Yousuf distributed thousands of Bibles and JESUS films, planted churches and taught new Christians. And earlier this year, he paid the price with his life.
Will you pray for his family and Christian co-workers? Post your prayer on www.icommittopray.com.

This and countless examples of Christian Martyrdom are fluently scattered throughout the world and each individual Martyr is a hero of Christ in their own right. How can we as a body of Christ pray for the persecuted to find peace and love?