Yahweh my Shepherd

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Love is full of discipline, Love is full of heartbreak, Love is full of guilt, because if it wasn't we'd be in danger of something deadly. The narrow gate, to Heaven, is a narrow road! The Road to Hell is broad and many choose that way. Where will you go when you die? You must have more than just belief, you must have knowledge and truth. There are many out there who claim to follow Christ, but whose words and actions, do not reflect this. Many out there who don't even belief in the One True God, and simply follow their earthly, carnal desires. Many people say that the Bible is re-written, or re-dictated, I tell you that this cannot be so, God is to powerful, how do you think over the years, people have tried, and tried, again to shutdown Christian Truth?  Although it is translated many times, it still bears the Truth! God is REAL, and there are those who even fake knowing him! These are the rich and wealthy with the things of this world."

I wrote this a couple months ago certain I was correct, not I  doubt the existence of knowing anything, finding ones self is task less my friends.

Lies are lies, I could of just easily lied to you about the bible being true, I don't know if it is or not, God might even be so powerful, that the bible is a lie, and all religion itself is flawed and clouded in confusion. Jesus might not have even been a real man, maybe even an idea. Historically most people say he was real, but his reality seems to be shrouded in the passage of time, only to be known eternally through Love and Grace. 

I thought I'd share this part to be completely real with you, unlike a lot of professing christian's who hide behind their own vanity, I don't know all the answers, heck I don't even think the English Language is a worthy language to discuss the context of God in. 

All I know is the greatest feeling of Love I've ever felt is real and will last me forever.

Don't be afraid Daddy, everything's going to be perfect. 
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth 1 Corinthians 13:6