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Saturday, July 12, 2014

About Blogging...

 Recently I decided to start up my Web Standards book, to read about how to re-format my blog and maybe even launch a site. I feel as though dedication to my Blog is it's main assortment of success, although many other functions are involved.

     1.) Who sees my Blog? What types of people?
     2.) How to get my Blog out of just Google's reach?
     3.) How to keep your Blogs Performance up? 
     4.) What is a large amount of Blog Visitors?
     5.) How do I change the detailing inside my Blog? More Color? Less Gray?

You can check out a Blog Expert's Maintenance

This guy is a native Sweden I believe

What a beautiful place :)

To better write a blog you have to go past the entire technical aspect, and realize the social curve that is always on display in the social-network stratus. 

  For example, if I was to define my Blog, it would be a blended mixture of Artwork, Poetry Reviews, Jesus Juice, and more. 

Check out the http://www.gutenberg.org/ project to read about free books and much more!

Other people might not like my website, depending on who it is, and where they are from, what they believe and why.

Either way it's up to the user to provide a clean blogging platform for the people who go on it.