Yahweh my Shepherd : Focus On Yahweh

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Focus On Yahweh

    We all struggle, to even live. We all struggle, to get by, we as people don't even know anything. Some say we evolved from, less primal creatures, but I believe God the Almighty has placed us here on purpose. I believe God has designed creatures, and us separate. Although my believes might be deluded, or false, I still believe it. I can even prove it to myself at least, through phenomenon. 

  Through my life, I will admit to everyone, I've had problems, drugs, sex before marriage, mother, and father...cursing you name it. But through all of my mistakes, the only one that would show me Love, is my God, my Rock, and My Savior. 

 A big part of my life is now being dedicated to getting my Father's true name, my God's real name, not the name displayed in different languages. The Bible, itself calls God many names, including Jehovah, the LORD,  the Almighty God. 

 Through some of my searches in ancient text, I've found the closest name to God is Yahweh, even though the ancient priest would rarely use his name, because they feared him greatly. 

 But if we focus, truly focus on our God, and our Savior? What could we accomplish, what could we do, in the future.