Yahweh my Shepherd : Create a Space: Does it really work?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Create a Space: Does it really work?

My Create a Space Experience


So I always wanted to publish a book, since I was younger I was really interested in writing, novels, and poetry. After many different thoughts on traditional publishing VS. self-publishing.

 I check with many different publishing companies, and groups... Many Blogs, Websites and Forms..

But eventually I was lead to Create Space, a Amazon subsidy. The Self Publishing Industry is still a slightly new industry so I thought I'd dive in head first. 

My First book through Create a Space, called Change Begins With a Choice wasn't that well seen, and marketing right. I just recently took it down from the online stores until it is completely edited correctly. They offer a bunch of different tools, which seem costly but are probably worth it..

I am not an editor by nature, so I think I'm going to give their editing a try.

When I first published it, I made around 84$ in two months without proper editing, and design..

(Thanks Mom lol..she bought most of them..)

There is a bunch of different self-publishers out there, but I'd really suggest Create Space as a perfect place for your first Novel, Chap-book, or Poetry collection.

Until I get the book proper editing, (when I get some $$!)

What exactly is self-publishing? 

Self-Publishing is a way to publish your work, but without the hassle of traditional publishing although it has it's own specific troubles..Such as you putting in the work! :)