Yahweh my Shepherd : Cerego!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014




     Hello Folks, here to talk about a learning platform called Cerego the one stop spot for knowledge, memory, and understanding. Now a days you can find so many educational platforms online that it's not even funny. 

     Of course some are better formatted than others, while even others are chosen just for opinion. A couple months ago I was introduced to Cerego, and decided to give it a try. They use a flash memory complex, that allows your memory synapses to react in a certain way. Allowing you to remember faster! Cool eh :)

    Today I did some networking, programing, and greek letter flash memories and it was quite fun I'd say, very helpful in organizing your mindset and making you feel good about yourself.

    I haven't studied into who started Cerego and their background but I'd like to it, it has many custom made Flash Memories, (not actually called that on the website but similar understanding) But there are also ones the Cerego team has already put together, some better, some not so put together but still worth a shot.

   I'd suggest Cerego to all people, to help with any form of knowledge they need to refine, and any synapse they need to strengthen!

  May God richly bless the creators of this software, and may the God of Israel be praised for such educational tools!