Yahweh my Shepherd : A study on the Carnal vs the Spirit

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A study on the Carnal vs the Spirit

Romans 8:6

For the be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace

Life...What is life? 
Peace... What is peace?
Carnality... What is Carnality?
Spirituality... What is Spirituality?

these objections to the mind...these questions of thought, where do they go and where to they come from.

What is Life to God? 

Life to our Father God? What is it?

Is it meaningless? 

Does it mean a lot?

Or does it have no pattern at all?

I have no answers, these are questions for God, and some other people who think they know.

Now a random poem to flow with these questions:

A guise, of thought,
Sworn to secret solutions,
My name is something I don't know of,
Or can even think to see,
As a wolf without a chamber of deaths,
and lives,
unknown ceases,
maybe your a very pleasant person,
Just love all,
As you've done
And we'll stand tall,
And sing,
get up,
and do it again,
until we get tired, of dancing,
And start flying again