Yahweh my Shepherd : Psalm 89

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Psalm 89

Psalm 89

I will sing of the LORD's unfailing love forever!
Young and old will hear of your faithfulness
Your unfailing love will last forever
Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens.

The LORD said "I have made a covenant with David, my chosen servant. thing like the LORD?
I have sworn this oath to him
I will establish your descendants as kings forever;
they will sit on your throne from now until eternity."
All heaven will praise your great wonders, 
myriads of angels will praise you for your faithfulness.
For who in all the heaven can compare with the LORD?
What mightiest angel is any like the LORD?
The highest angelic powers stand in awe of God, 
He is far more awesome than all who surround his throne.

- How beautiful is the LORD's majesty? The Bible commands us, as true believers in the savior to seek first the Kingdom of God, to have child-like faith in all the things we do, that God will, and can deliver us from any problem.

We are loved, and God is willing to receive us as his dearly beloved if we just rethink our problems, and remind ourselves that God is in control of everything.