Yahweh my Shepherd : ellfonte

Sunday, November 30, 2014


[ my grandfather was in the korean war. ]

my grandfather was in the korean war.

his eyes had drapes for eyelids and his hands were velcro when they touched my silk tie

when the gate latch broke he fixed it 
and i realized things did not just appear–
i was five–
and when he told me:





was when i realized
i am lucky to be here.

the man who could reassemble his weapon
with a blindfold on
watched me play with legos
and told me,



i just moved his plants in for the winter
they outlasted him, as he wanted them to
have grown wild,
i have grown mortal,
in his eyes i was the sun,
never told him bad news,
never breathed in bad fumes,
never will go to war, except with loss,
morning comes and i cannot rise,
but even a fluorescent bulb
is blinding
in the night,
the time he mortared the enemy fort,
the ground-shuddering breath that conquers stone,
that makes a man happy to sell car parts and have a family
that will never have to feel like fleas
against the torrential horrors of physics.
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