Yahweh my Shepherd : mystique143

Monday, November 24, 2014


Make-believe I'm trying.

I'm my own tester of vulnerability,
I'm the makeshift guinea pig of my own decisions.
Here I try to vainly reach some clarity,
yet I falter--my feet the marionettes to my fear.

Control plays me for a fool,
as I try to buy it and slap on a guarantee.
My wisdom is muted, the button on my phone,
I switched it on and ignored my first instincts.

How can I purchase the unattainable,
how can one borrow the key to unlock the truth?
Honesty rebukes  me like a scorned suitor,
yet I turn from the uncomfortable emotions that batter.

"Do you know the muffin man?"
I drown out my thoughts with meaningless words.
My foolishness is only second to the distractions
that I induce to pull me away from the ugly.

It can't be bought, when it's already had,
it can't be shown when it's already playing.
It can't be hidden when its already revealed,
I hide myself from the truth and suffer.
- See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11765215-Make-believe-Im-trying.-by-mystique143#sthash.f8aVLjBr.dpuf

- I love poetry like this, it really helps the mind to play on words, without feeling attachment or, feeling regret. Focused, yet indifferent, helpless yet confident. Something of pure greatness. Poetry like this, is what opens the mind, and keeps the spirit wondering on.